Using live video and tethered drones for more innovative emergency response at European airports

In collaboration with Fotokite, a leading developer and manufacturer of innovative tethered drone technology, we had the privilege of participating on a demonstration day in conjunction with the firefighting teams at a European airport. The objective of this event was to explore the potential of how tethered drones and situational awareness software can improve emergency response procedures at airports without closing the airspace. 

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During a recent test day held at one of the larger European airports, Fotokite and Bliksund partnered to demo how the airport Firefighters could re-envision their approach to handling emergency situations. In a simulated real-life emergency response scenario, the firefighters conducted fires on aircraft training chassis to assess the capabilities of Fotokite's tethered drones with live video transmission.

IncidentShare worked smoothly with the Fotokite drone, enabling fast transmission of real-time video data, including thermal and regular images, to the airport firefighters' control room.  This combination of technology can significantly improve awareness and control in real emergencies, giving firefighters a unique view and vital aerial info during incidents. 

"This exercise underscored the practicality and effectiveness of the integrated solution, offering insights into how it could revolutionize response strategies for incidents on and around airport grounds", says Julia Fedorova, Marketing Manager at Fotokite. 



Fotokite used IncidentShare to send live footage to the firefighters' control room giving them better situational awareness and more efficient cooperation

The airport test day shows the potential for collaboration and innovation within the field of emergency response. The seamless integration of Fotokite's tethered drone technology and Bliksund's comprehensive live-streaming solution holds the promise of a transformation in airport emergency management. 

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"It was a privilege to participate in this test alongside Fotokite and the airport team. This collaboration is poised to establish new standards, and mark a significant milestone in the advancement of emergency response capabilities for airport security, common situational awareness, and preparedness", says Janne T. Morstøl, CEO at Bliksund



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