Leading Nordic growth investor, Monterro, is Bliksund’s main owner.

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In February 2021 Monterro acquired a majority share of Bliksund. The remaining shares are held by the company’s founders, management, and employees. Based in Stockholm, Oslo, and Munich, Monterro is a hands-on investor working with software companies in the Nordic region. 

We are pleased to partner with Monterro as they combine entrepreneurial spirit, business experience and personal networks to support our growth journey. This partnership enables us to accelerate our growth strategy outside of our home market.

Board of Directors

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Thomas Bill

Chairman of the Board
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Johan Assarsson

Board Member
Jan Falkevig resize

Jan Falkevik

Board Member
Per Ivansson

Per Ivansson

Board Member
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Peter Larsson

Board Member
Tor Laukvik resize

Tor Laukvik

Board Member