First Danish customer utilizing the ePCR solution from Bliksund: - We recognize the expertise behind it.

After teaming up with Bliksund five months ago, Event Medical is happy to feel confident as they implement Bliksund's EWA electronic patient care reporting solution. 
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In November 2023, Danish company Event Medical Services signed a contract with Bliksund, becoming the first Danish customer to use their electronic patient care reporting solution (ePCR), EWA. Despite being used in Norway with a slightly different healthcare system, it has been a smooth transition. 

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"We represent a new market for Bliksund, and it is natural to make local corrections and adaptations to adjust the solution to a Danish context. We have experienced that the professional team at Bliksund has been very accommodating and have approached our needs in a positive way," says Mark J. Zweidorff, partner and financial director at Event Medical Services A/S 

He adds: 

”The initial phase has revolved around tailoring Bliksund's solution to meet our specific needs, rather than us adjusting to the solution. We have seen a strong commitment and focus from Bliksund on addressing our needs”

A team of professionals

According to Zweidorff, the collaboration with Bliksund's team has been unique for Event Medical. With professionals experienced in healthcare and pre-hospital services, Bliksund has created a valuable working relationship.

"Bliksund demonstrates both industry expertise and extensive field experience. We communicate effectively and find it reassuring to work with a team knowledgeable about the industry, rather than just software developers", says Mark J. Zweidorff. 

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In safe hands

When smaller businesses adopt new technology, it can feel daunting. That's why Event Medical Services has appreciated Bliksund's help and knowledge during this time.

"We're impressed by the smooth management of the process. Working with a seasoned organization like Bliksund assures us that every detail is carefully handled. Knowing that they've done similar projects before makes us feel secure and confident in our partnership." says Mark J. Zweidorff.


EWA is planned to be implemented by Easter, and they want the solution to be used as widely as possible in Event Medical Services. 

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