Crash Recovery System

CRS provides essential vehicle information at your fingertips. Up-to-date vehicle information is critical for successful rescue operations.
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New automotive technologies have increased occupant safety during crashes, but they also present challenges for emergency responders due to new risks from safety and eco-friendly systems.

Using the Crash Recovery System at the scene of an accident, emergency responders can easily access all rescue relevant information about the vehicle. CRS offers first responders the missing link in emergency response: the latest digital vehicle information available on all devices

Clickable components and safety systems in an interactive datasheet

In the graphic display, component information and deactivation procedures are easily accessible by clicking on the component of choice in the diagram. With this unique functionality, the Crash Recovery System® ensures an effective and safe extrication process and supports first responders in choosing the best and safest methods.
Emergency responder uses CRS crash recovery system to see critical components inside vehicle
Emergency workers at the scene of car crash using CRS Crash recovery system

Specialised training programs

The best tools are of little use if the people who work with them are not familiar with the way they should work. In these courses, emergency responders will become familiar with the many variations and unique features they need to be aware of when dealing with modern vehicles during emergency incidents.
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