Common situational awareness and optimal response through live video

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IncidentShare is a secure, intuitive and fast solution for reception, management and sharing of real-time video. It is developed in close collaboration with users within the fire and rescue, police, healthcare and insurance. Real-time video gives you a better overview of the incident and ensures that everyone quickly obtains common situational awareness.

Through a virtual presence, you are able to free up valuable time and ensure quick exchange of information and efficient collaboration. You are able to respond quickly to an emergency, send the right crew with the right equipment, skills and training. This way, you can manage the incident effectively, quickly assess the situation and coordinate appropriately.

IncidentShare gives you easy access to both live streaming and recordings and is easy to roll out to your users. The solution also performs well in areas with limited mobile coverage as the streaming protocols continuously adapt to the conditions.

With a secure video connection you improve communication between all parties involved, both internally and externally, and support the task response in an optimal manner.

Videolink & Channels

Videolink provides an easy-to-use tool for establishing video between a caller and the operator. It is fully browser based, both on your and the caller's end so there is no need for installation of an app on the caller’s device - you simply send out a text message from IncidentShare and when the caller opens the link you get real-time video from the device. 

Channels unite different sources of video and it is easy and secure to invite a third party to a video call either via predefined users or with links. This can be useful when there is a need for a third-party opinion or a specialist with a different professional background.

The solution can collect video from a wide variety of devices, including smartphones, vehicles, body cameras, surveillance cameras and drones. 

IncidentShare is able to collect location data and present it on the built-in map. If you are using a PTZ camera, it is easy and fast to control with the built-in PTZ control. IncidentShare supports various video formats such as WebRTC, RTSP, RTMP and more.

operator sits in front of screens and points at live video from incidentshare


IncidentShare comes with a robust and standardised API that enables deep integration with your existing systems. Our solution contains a wide range of turnkey integrations and is easy to implement in any kind of workplace. This means you can enjoy the benefits of IncidentShare today, without having to immediately replace old systems.

Secure live stream

IncidentShare runs on private servers in a secure virtualized environment. We make sure you get all the benefits of cloud solutions, but at the same time retain the security of always knowing where your data is. With WebRTC and high-level encryption, you can be sure that all your video streams are transmitted securely. We regularly commission an independent audit report (ISAE 3000) to assess whether our controls, procedures and technical measures remain top-notch.
ISAE 3000


Incidentshare car crash secure live stream
Policeofficer live stream with the incidentshare app

IncidentShare App

The IncidentShare app is designed to send and receive live video on tablets or smartphones. Your crew can quickly log in with a QR code and receive push notifications when a channel goes live. By using the IncidentShare app, dispatched personnel can mentally and tactically prepare for the task at an early stage.

Need advice on hardware?

We have extensive technical knowledge of standard and custom-built hardware that operates 24/7 – even in challenging conditions.
close up of live stream on monitor

Live streaming allows us to establish a common view of the situation for everyone involved in the incident. This means, amongst other things, that the management at the center of operations can keep track of what is happening at the incident site. This gets things moving quickly and allows us to act proactively.

Christoffer Nygaard

Operations and development manager of the 112 alarm and operations centre of the Greater Copenhagen Fire Department

christofferChristoffer Nygaard Operations and development manager of the 112 alarm and operations centre of the Greater Copenhagen Fire Department
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