Better situational awareness and control of all your resources and processes


We support emergency services in over 30 countries with mission-critical solutions designed to enhance efficiency and provide unparalleled support. Our unique platform enables more efficient coordination of actions and allocation of resources as well as providing your fire and rescue service with the necessary tools and resources to operate at your best.

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Control and overview of all your operations

Gain control and a deeper understanding of your operations to enhance the safety, efficiency, and dependability of your fire service. Through the utilisation of our customised digital tools, you can make well-informed decisions, operate more efficiently, and provide even better service to your community.

You can monitor your resources, efficiently manage your crew, and optimise operational practices. Our detailed insights guarantee that your team members are performing at their best and are fully prepared to respond to emergencies. We also provide support in ensuring that your crew is protected from all legal obligations through a customised exposure register.

Our tools enable you to establish a structured approach, incorporating competence and drills, to ensure that your crew adheres to best practices, working safely and efficiently. This will greatly reduce response times and maximise the effectiveness of their efforts. By implementing proper inventory management and control of equipment and materials, you can also guarantee that all assets are accounted for and utilised appropriately. 

Our solutions for the fire and rescue services


A scalable, modular, and highly user-friendly way of organizing your workday.
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Secure, intuitive, and user-friendly live streaming from the scene of the incident or patient treatment.
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Crash Recovery System

Extensive vehicle coverage and multiple identification methods for quick access to accurate digital rescue sheets
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Common situational awareness

Our user-friendly and secure live streaming tool allows you to effortlessly receive video from callers and stream video from your devices directly to emergency dispatch centers. This essential tool ensures that operators and incident commanders have access to the same video, providing a comprehensive view of the situation.

By incorporating drones and bodycams, your crew can enhance their situational awareness and gain a better understanding of the environment, enabling firefighters to plan and execute their response with greater efficiency and safety. Furthermore, all videos can be easily shared both internally and externally.

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Faster response, safer outcome

We provide first responders, rescue personnel, and vehicle recovery services with the world's most advanced real-time Crash Recovery Solution. Our technology enables efficient and safe actions, empowering you to save more lives. In the automotive industry, new developments and technologies are rapidly evolving. The use of high-strength steel, additional reinforcements, and numerous safety restraint systems in modern vehicles provides excellent protection for occupants during a crash. 

Developed as the pioneer of interactive rescue sheets, CRS compiles data from major car manufacturers through trusted partnerships. The rescue sheets have now become globally recognized as a ISO17840 standard. 

Tailored for your needs

Our solutions are customised to meet the specific needs and requirements of the fire and rescue service. By streamlining processes and minimising the time spent on manual tasks, the fire service enhances its efficiency, precision, safety and cost-effectiveness.

This enables you to concentrate on more crucial responsibilities, like promptly responding to emergencies or conducting training. 

Fire rescue tailored

Now we get a system that makes visible today's level of competence and tomorrow's competence requirements in a good way. With Bliksund, we get a digital solution that supports our processes and needs going forward

Anders Løberg

Fire Chief, Asker & Bærum Fire Services

Anders Løberg Fire Chief, Asker & Bærum Fire Services

Decision support to ensure the right response at the right time

Having access to real-time video and shared situational awareness, combined with structured operating procedures, enables you to make well-informed and precise decisions.

By utilising virtual presence, you gain a comprehensive understanding of the situation and the incident scene. The use of real-time video frees up valuable time and enables seamless and rapid exchange of information and efficient collaboration. This enables you to promptly respond to emergencies by dispatching the appropriate crew with the necessary equipment, skills, and training. As a result, you can effectively handle the incident, evaluate the situation, identify potential hazards, and take the required measures to mitigate any risks.

Our operational management solution provides valuable and high-quality operational support. You will have a comprehensive overview of your resources, including the competence and skills of your crew, as well as detailed shift reporting. The system allows you to effectively maintain and enforce policies and procedures, thereby enhancing the quality and standards of your dispatch operations. With this solution, you will have complete control and deep insight into all processes, fostering a common understanding of the situation in both everyday work and emergency situations.

Now the Emergency Dispatch Centers and the fire services will get a solution that provides live video from callers as well as the ability to stream live video from their own video sources. It will also be easier to manage resources and ensure that the correct crew is dispatched. This gives everyone access to a solid platform for the future, and we can provide an even better service to the citizens

Trond Brenden


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