Better situational awareness for improved public safety and the security of your officers


Custom-built solutions tailored to the needs of the police services. Better visual understanding of the situation and full operational insights enables you to make better decisions.  

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Common situational awareness

Manage resources and stream live video footage to ensure overview and control both in daily operations and demanding situations.
Situational awareness is a key factor in improving public safety and the security of officers.

Visual understanding allows your officers to be better prepared to respond quickly and effectively in any situation. 
By the use of drones and bodycams your crew gain better situational awareness and understanding of the environment, allowing police officers to plan and execute their response more efficiently and safely.

All videos can also be shared both internally and externally. Furthermore, the solution supports collaborative working, allowing police officers to work together in a more efficient and effective way. 

More efficient operations and overview of resources


Streamline your operations by getting a better overview and insight of your processes and resources. 

By using our tailored digital tools you can make more informed decisions, work more effectively, and better serve the communities you are sworn to protect

You can monitor your resources, manage your crew, and improve operational practices. By detailed insight, you can ensure that your team members are operating at their highest levels and that they are adequately prepared to respond to any emergency. 

With our tools you can work structured with competence, ensuring that your crew uses best practice and works safely and efficiently. This can help to minimise response times and maximise the effectiveness of their efforts. Proper inventory management and control of equipment and materials will also ensure that all assets are checked and maintained properly.

Police use IncidentShare to live stream from drone

Tailored for your needs

Our solutions are suited for the needs of the police service. By streamlining processes and reducing time spent on manual tasks, you can improve the efficiency, accuracy, and insight of your police services. This way you can focus more on responding to emergencies or training.

Emergency Dispatch Centre – Responding to calls in a timely manner


Shared situational awareness through real-time video, combined with structured operating procedures, enables you to make more informed and accurate decisions. The more precise and visible information your dispatchers retrieve during an emergency call, the faster they can prepare, plan and deploy their tactics and resolve the current situation.

With real-time video  you get a better overview of the situation and can ensure quick exchange of information and efficient collaboration. Through quick response you can send the right crew with the right equipment, skills and training. This ensures efficient handling of the incident and enables you to take the necessary steps to reduce any potential risk.

Our operational management solution gives you a full overview of your resources, your crew´s competence and courses, and shift reporting. 

Increase the quality and standards of your dispatch operations by getting full control and insight over all your processes and procedures.  With our solutions you and your crew get a common understanding of the situation in everyday work and emergencies.

Our solutions for the Police sector


Secure, intuitive, and user-friendly live streaming from the scene of the incident or patient treatment.
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A scalable, modular, and highly user-friendly way of organizing your workday.
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