Better situational awareness for elevated public safety and enhanced officer security

We specialise in developing customised solutions that cater to the specific needs of police services. Our technology offers enhanced visual understanding of the situation and provides comprehensive operational insights, empowering you to make informed decisions.

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Common situational awareness

Efficiently manage resources and seamlessly stream live video footage to maintain a comprehensive overview and complete control in both daily operations and challenging situations. Situational awareness is a key factor in improving public safety and the security of officers.

Enhance your officers' readiness to respond swiftly and efficiently in any situation through visual support. By leveraging video from drones, vehicles and bodycams, your team gains improved situational awareness and a deeper understanding of their surroundings, enabling police officers to strategise and execute their response more effectively and safely.

In addition, the solution facilitates secure and reliable sharing of videos both within the organisation and with external parties. Moreover, it promotes collaborative efforts among police officers, enabling them to work together in a more streamlined and productive manner.

More efficient operations and overview of resources

Optimise your operations by gaining a comprehensive understanding and valuable insights into your processes and resources.

Gain full visibility over your resources, effectively manage your crew, and enhance operational practices. Through detailed insight, you can ensure that your team members are performing at their best and are well-prepared to handle any emergency situation.

Our tools enable you to operate with structure and competence, ensuring that your crew follows best practices and works safely and efficiently. This will significantly reduce response times and optimise the effectiveness of their efforts. Additionally, proper inventory management and control of equipment and materials will guarantee that all assets are thoroughly inspected and well-maintained.

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Tailored for your needs

Our solutions are specifically designed to meet the requirements of the police service. By optimising workflows and minimising the amount of time spent on manual tasks, you can enhance the efficiency, precision, and depth of your police services. This will enable you to allocate more resources towards addressing emergencies or conducting training activities.

Emergency Dispatch Centre – Responding to calls in a timely manner


By utilising real-time video and implementing structured operating procedures, you gain the ability to make well-informed and precise decisions. Shared situational awareness allows your dispatchers to swiftly prepare, strategise, and execute their tactics, resulting in the timely resolution of any emergency situation. Through quick response and live video you can send the right crew with the right equipment, skills and training. 

Increase the quality and standards of your dispatch operations by gaining complete control and insight into all your processes and procedures. Our solutions enable you and your crew to develop a shared understanding of the situation in both day-to-day work and emergency scenarios.

Police dispatch center uses incidentshare for common situational awareness

Our solutions for the Police sector


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