Bliksund adds video function to EWA - Empowering emergency professionals through video consultation in prehospital care

Bliksund has launched a new video consultation feature to their electronic Patient Care Reporting solution Bliksund EWA (Emergency Worker Assistant). By integrating this functionality directly into the patient record, EWA is making it possible to see video in the relevant context with vitals and surveys done by emergency professionals.

The demand for remote consultation in emergency services is growing worldwide. With integrated video consultation, Bliksund EWA improves field decision-making for emergency professionals.

Bliksund adds video function - Empowering emergency professionals through video consultation in prehospital care hero image blog

EWA is a complete ePCR solution for the prehospital area and is developed in close cooperation with healthcare professionals. It secures accurate and complete recording of patient information, effective flow of communication, and improved patient care and safety.

With video consultation integrated into EWA, emergency workers can get an efficient way to access expert medical advice for specialised treatment, make better decisions and reduce unnecessary hospital admission. By consulting 3rd party expertise remotely, the emergency workers get optimal decision support in situations where audio or text is inadequate to describe the situation at hand.

This supports the goal of providing the right clinical decision support no matter the situation.

Janne Morstøl Bliksund CEO profile image"Bliksund's strategy is to continually expand product functionality to strengthen our presence in existing markets while expanding into new ones, and thereby enhancing our competitive edge. The integration of video capabilities in ambulances is in high demand and will be a compelling addition to the Bliksund EWA portfolio. By prioritising features that support first responders, we are committed to empowering those who provide critical assistance in emergencies," says Janne T. Bliksund, CEO at Bliksund

third parties can attend to injured persons directly in the patient record software

Enhanced communication and patient care

Integrating a video consultation feature revolutionises patient care by seamlessly merging video communication with essential patient data. Video allows emergency responders to communicate visual information in real-time, providing a clearer picture of the situation to medical professionals. The emergency workers can conduct consultations while accessing vital signs and survey results directly from the patient record.

Integration of chat in the solution also ensures documentation of prescribed treatment and medications. This integrated approach ensures that healthcare providers have a comprehensive understanding of the patient's condition, enabling them to make informed decisions and provide timely, personalized care.

"Currently, ePCR solution serves as a reliable daily support tailored to the demanding settings of emergency and healthcare professionals in several countries. With the integration of video footage directly into the patient data context, our platform equips healthcare professionals to administer timely, proficient, and patient-focused care," says Janne T. Bliksund