Police departments take video streaming to the sky

Police forces across most of the world are implementing drones to provide air support to the officers on the ground in cases where the use of a helicopter or aircraft is less practical. The drones serve as an important tool in several situations and can provide insight where it traditionally required more officers or larger and more expensive tools (such as the helicopters in connection with humanitarian searches).

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The drones are easy and flexible and can easily work with other types of devices, such as police dogs, to find people who may have gone missing or gone and who can not find themselves.


police officer using drones and incidentshare

Encrypted video

Traditionally law enforcement agencies had to turn to expensive broadcast solutions to do live streaming. But these solutions are not very well suited to the functions in difficult physical security environments with ease of use in mind and are prone to create inefficiency, introduce cybersecurity vulnerabilities, create challenging maintenance tasks for the IT staff and increase the total cost of ownership significantly over time. 

The IncidentShare is made specifically for public safety with those challenges in mind and brings security, ease of operation and return of investment together.


Low latency

It takes time to pass data from one place to another. That delay between when a camera captures video and when the video is displayed on a viewer’s screen is called latency. But for law enforcement agencies situations can quickly develop and escalate, and that is why it is necessary to have a solution that can distribute a video signal to all devices with the lowest possible delay. Drone technology has become an important tool for many police units around the world and can provide a quick overview in connection with insight into, for example, the traffic situation in connection with traffic accidents, large gatherings, demonstrations or similar events.

Incendium delivers affordable situational awareness solution to police departments. The all-in-one turnkey offering helps police officers and first responders make more informed decisions and collaborate more closely.



call operator waits for live stream using incidentshare