Bliksund partners up with Lexit Group

Bliksund has entered a partnership with Lexit Group. Lexit Group is a leading player in Scandinavia in data capture and digitisation, in addition to labels, packaging and marking solutions. Together with Lexit Group, Bliksund aims to offer RFID solutions to the emergency services.

Bliksund inngår partnerskap med Lexit Group blog hero bilde

Following requests from the company's customers for RFID support, Bliksund is now partnering with Lexit Group. With its focus on technology solutions for data capture and process simplification and its leading position in RFID functionality, Bliksund sees great benefit in collaborating with Lexit Group in the future.


Frank-Arne Bruland Produkteier GRID BliksundBliksund is constantly working on the further development of our solutions and is responsive to what the agencies need. It takes a lot of time and resources to keep track and control, and customers have long been asking for an RFID solution. Together with Lexit Group, we will now be able to develop solutions that provide an easier overview and control of equipment and materials. This will streamline everyday life for the emergency services.

Frank-Arne Bruland, Product owner for GRID in Bliksund



Overview of large assets

The emergency services have a lot of equipment and materials that need to be kept track of and supervised. We're talking about major assets, and a lack of overview could have major financial consequences. Not least, a lack of overview can also mean the difference between life and death.
Well-functioning IT solutions are crucial, and together with Bliksund, we ensure user-friendly and efficient solutions that benefit the crews," says Mikael Thorsgaard of Lexit Group.