Bliksund hires director of global partnerships to support international expansion plans

To support further expansion internationally, Bliksund brings in a new director for global partnerships

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Fredrikke Vikhamar takes up the newly created position after many years in international companies and the healthcare system. Going forward, she will build the company's partner network and support the company's international growth strategy.

Vikhamar comes with a stellar track record with experience from the healthcare system and management as well as sales and marketing of medical-technical equipment. She most recently comes from ZOLL and the role of Senior Business Development Manager Military Sales for EMEA. In addition, she has many years of experience as a specialist nurse and head of department at Stavanger University Hospital as well as several years of experience with international product management and marketing at Laerdal Medical. With Bliksund's focus on further international expansion and partnerships, Fredrikke's background is a good match for the company.

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After many years in a foreign company, it is exciting for me to be part of the journey out into the world with Bliksund. The company has impressed me since day one and has a portfolio with great international potential. In addition to innovative solutions, the company also has a strong culture and great people with whom it is a pleasure to now be able to work. I have been looking forward to this for a long time.

Fredrikke Vikhamar, Director of Global Partnerships in Bliksund


International potential

Since Monterro invested in the company in 2021, Bliksund has strengthened its focus on internationalization and investments outside Norway. During last year, the company entered a partnership with Systematic in Denmark and acquired the Danish company Incendium, which is a leader in video streaming. This is part of the company's strategy for further expansion in an international market with great potential.

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We see great opportunities internationally in the pre-hospital area. Fredrikke has an extensive track record and a background that brings us valuable knowledge, experience and an international contact network that will strengthen our position going forward
Janne T. Morstøl, CEO in Bliksund