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Streamline workflows to ensure the right quality of care at the right time
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Our solutions offer a streamlined approach to enhancing patient care and minimizing medical errors. Additionally, they reduce care delays, enhance communication among healthcare professionals, and provide significant time and cost savings.

By maintaining control and insight into processes and resources, you can guarantee the safe and effective delivery of medical care, with patient safety always being the utmost priority. Ensuring easy access to procedures and routines will result in consistent quality of care. As the number of patients increases, resource allocation becomes more challenging. However, by carefully tracking your resources, you can ensure the correct and most efficient utilization of your crew.

Live video allows for efficient prehospital management. It enables healthcare workers to accurately evaluate the patient's condition in real-time and coordinate care according to their specific needs. This results in a reduction of unnecessary healthcare interactions and enables a streamlined prehospital workflow.

Our solutions for the Urgent treatment centres & call centres


A complete ePCR solution for prehospital services.
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A scalable, modular operations management system that helps you organise your workday.
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Secure, intuitive, and user-friendly live streaming from the scene of the incident.
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Bliksund with first UK customer – delivers ePCR solution to LIVES

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Bliksund adds video function to EWA - Empowering emergency professionals through video consultation in prehospital care

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First Danish customer utilizing the ePCR solution from Bliksund: - We recognize the expertise behind it.

After teaming up with Bliksund five months ago, Event Medical is happy to...
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