Number plate registration helped firefighters with hydrogen bus stuck under a viaduct

A Van Hool A330 Fuel Cell bus recently got stuck in the Netherlands under a viaduct. The viaduct turned out to be lower than the height of the bus, making it impossible for the bus to move forward or backwards. The roof of the bus sustained substantial damage in the process, making the hydrogen tanks visible to first responders at the scene. 

hydrogen bus

Through number plate search, the hydrogen bus was queried by first responders in the Crash Recovery System, which immediately led to the correct search result. The confirmation that it was a hydrogen electric bus made them extra wary.

Using the crucial information under the Deactivation button in the bus’s interactive rescue sheet, first responders were able to start immobilizing the vehicle and disconnecting the high-voltage circuit. With all safety-related components also clickable in the Crash Recovery System, the first responders had access to additional information about the compressed hydrogen tanks and hydrogen vent stack.


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