Livestreaming up-skills firefighters at Copenhagen Airport

At Copenhagen Airport, livestreaming is an important part of the teaching at Copenhagen Airport Rescue and Firefighting Academy (CARFA), which trains airport firefighters from all over Europe. Livestreaming enables video evaluation of the exercises held at the Academy, and thereby helps to improve the exercise results. In addition, the solution offers a number of other advantages from which the airport’s own emergency services will soon benefit.

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Photo credit: Rune Lind, Copenhagen Airport

As soon as we’ve held exercises, we evaluate them immediately afterwards, and this is where our live recordings are worth their weight in gold. The trainees can see exactly what happened, in what order they happened, and who did what. It’s very different from an instructor slavishly telling you how he experienced it

Rune Lind, Head of Copenhagen Airport Rescue and Firefighting Academy


Training makes better firefighters

Every year, the Copenhagen Airport Rescue and Firefighting Academy (CARFA), trains between 4-500 persons who come to Copenhagen Airport to attend training courses for airport firefighters. One of the things that makes the courses particularly attractive is that the Academy has chosen to use live streaming during its exercises. That means that all the exercises are documented, and the trainees can subsequently review them.

firefighter livestreaming from reveal bodycam


Rolled out to the entire Airport Emergency Service

The IncidentShare live streaming solution is not only intended for use at the Academy. In the near future, the tool will also be implemented throughout the entire emergency response system at Copenhagen Airport, and according to Rune Lind, this cannot happen quickly enough:

At the Academy, we’ve seen and experienced just what a difference live streaming makes. First of all, it provides a great deal of documentation that we can use for evaluations – but it also allows us to move faster and despatch the right resources during incidents.

In this context, he stresses that live streaming provides an accurate situational picture to the operations centre, allowing them to quickly identify resource needs. In addition, it is possible for both the fire chief, the operations centres and the emergency call centres to monitor what is happening, which is a huge advantage:

The fact that all involved parties can monitor the incident at the same time means that we can very quickly create a common situational picture of what is happening. Instead of calling each other and passing on over information over the phone, live streaming saves a lot of time and everyone involved sees the same thing. That means we can act quickly and efficiently, says Rune Lind.


Bliksund AS supplies the IncidentShare solution, is looking forward to seeing it implemented throughout the emergency response system:

- With our video solution, we aim to give firefighters at Copenhagen Airport a tool that can help to challenge the way they learn and communicate with each other – not just as part of their training, but as a natural part of the daily emergency response at the biggest airport in the Nordic region, says Asger Plæhn, Account Manager at Bliksund