Bliksund hires Lise-Mette Lindland as new Strategic Account Director

With a focus on further developing its services and deliveries to the Norwegian healthcare system, Bliksund brings in the experienced Lise-Mette Lindland. Lise-Mette comes from the role of Head of Department at Vestre Viken HF and takes up the position of Strategic Account Director. With many years of experience from leading positions in the healthcare sector, she will focus on further developing the company's solutions for the healthcare sector and safeguarding Norwegian healthcare customers.

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Lise-Mette Lindland has worked in the Norwegian healthcare system for more than 29 years and brings a solid professional background and experience to the company. She is a trained nurse with experience from various medical wards and emergency departments.

In addition, she has a Master of Management in project management, organizational psychology and consulting from BI, which she has benefited from in her role as head of department for AMK Vestre Viken. With Bliksund's focus on collaboration with the Norwegian health regions and further development of the company's solutions for the health sector, Lise-Mette is a good match for the company's further investment. 

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"After many years in the Norwegian health care system, it is exciting for me to join the further journey in Bliksund. The company has impressed me since our first meeting. In addition to innovative solutions, the company also has a strong culture and great people that I now look forward to working with," says Lise-Mette Lindland, Strategic Account Director at Bliksund.


Long experience in healthcare

With three decades in the Norwegian healthcare industry, Lise-Mette has held several roles and worked on various projects. She helped establish the first co-located emergency call center in Norway, which led to changes in the way the emergency call service collaborates and what is now the national triple alert procedure - notification and interaction with all emergency services.

She was also the project manager for the innovation partnership "Video call with AMK" (IncidentShare), which today is part of Bliksund's product portfolio and is one of two video call solutions used in the AMK centers in Norway today.

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"Ever since Bliksund's inception, the company has focused on having professionals who know the healthcare system from the inside and have experience from the field. Lise-Mette has an impressive background and extensive experience that brings us valuable knowledge and a familiarity with the Norwegian healthcare system that will strengthen us going forward,"
says Janne T. Morstøl, CEO of Bliksund.