Air Ambulance Services

Operational support and improved patient care
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By using the electronic patient care record and our comprehensive operations management system, you improve the quality and the continuum of patient care, and create more efficient operations. Our tools help you to streamline your processes, and enhance communication and collaboration among crew members and other healthcare professionals. 

With our vast field experience, we have developed tools designed to assist you in your hectic workday. Our electronic patient care record provides you with timely access to patient information, enabling you to more accurately diagnose and treat patients during transportation. The record is updated in real time for quick and accurate care. By replacing paperwork with digital tools, your crew can spend more time with the patient. 
By having full overview and control over your crew, fleet and equipment you increase operational efficiency and accountability, improve patient safety and reduce operational costs. Our operations management system also gives you easy access to procedures and routines, ensures consistent quality of care with patient safety as a top priority. 

Our solutions for the Air Ambulance Services


A complete ePCR solution for prehospital services.
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A scalable, modular operations management system that helps you organise your workday.
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Secure, intuitive, and user-friendly live streaming from the scene of the incident.
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