Bliksund successfully qualified on the national framework agreement covering all the UK’s NHS Ambulance Service Trusts

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Bliksund is strengthening its position in the UK market as the company has been approved as a qualified vendor on a national framework agreement for digital ambulance records (ePCR) run by the East of England NHS Collaborative Procurement Hub. Bliksund is now entering the UK market with its innovative solutions tailored for the needs of the emergency services. The national framework agreement represents a crucial step forward in the company’s UK expansion plans, as all NHS Ambulance Trusts in the UK can call-off Bliksund’s digital ambulance record solution, Bliksund EWA (Emergency Worker Assistant), on the agreement. 

The UK healthcare system, including the ambulance services, share many similarities and the same structure as the Nordic healthcare sector. Bliksund now believes the timing is right to bring its experience and innovative digital ambulance record solution to the UK market. The East of England Collaborative Procurement Hub is a not-for-profit NHS organisation which provides member trusts and publicly funded bodies with strategic purchasing support. By being qualified on the national framework agreement, Bliksund’s digital ambulance record solution has been evaluated and approved by the NHS. The NHS Ambulance Trusts across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern-Ireland can now call off on the agreement to procure Bliksund EWA.  


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The mission and work processes for emergency medical services are global and have the same needs: to enable faster and better decisions, to improve the quality of care and save lives. Our solutions are digitalising and automating work processes, but also providing emergency workers in the field with innovative digital tools and decision support. We believe our solutions fit the needs of the UK ambulance services and being qualified on the framework agreement run by the East of England NHS Collaborative Procurement Hub is a crucial step for us in the UK market, says Janne T. Morstøl, CEO of Bliksund AS.