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Innovative solutions to enhance patient care provided by ambulance crews
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Our innovative tools are designed to enhance patient care, optimize operational efficiency, and foster seamless communication and collaboration among ambulance crew members and other healthcare professionals.

By leveraging advanced technology such as an electronic patient care record, real-time video capabilities, and a comprehensive operations management system, you gain critical oversight and valuable insights to elevate and simplify your daily work life.

The electronic patient care record offers your crew timely access to patient information, enabling them to accurately diagnose and treat patients during transportation. The record is continuously updated in real time, empowering your crew to provide the best care possible promptly and accurately. By reducing paperwork and enhancing the efficiency of care, your crew can dedicate more time to the patient's well-being.

By utilizing real-time video, your crew can gain a more comprehensive understanding of the patient's condition, enabling them to anticipate and address their medical needs more effectively. Video technology also facilitates remote diagnosis and guidance from specialist physicians, resulting in reduced transit time and enhanced patient outcomes.

A complete operations management system enables you to efficiently handle resources and provides operational support during a busy workday. By having full overview and control over your crew, fleet and equipment you increase operational efficiency and accountability, improve patient safety and reduce operational costs.

We partner with healthcare professionals to design and implement solutions that meet your needs and improve your daily working life, all while prioritising patient safety.

Our solutions are currently used by all ambulance services in Norway.

Our solutions for the ambulance services


A complete ePCR solution for prehospital services.
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A scalable, modular operations management system that helps you organise your workday.
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Secure, intuitive, and user-friendly live streaming from the scene of the incident.
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In addition to a better and more efficient everyday life for the ambulance crew, we also expect other positive effects such as cost reduction on print and archive solutions, less manual work in connection with post-registration of data, increased patient safety and better interaction in the pre-hospital service.

Stian Sægrov

Head of Ambulance services,
Førde Hospital Trust